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Yosemite: The Storm of Beauty DVD

When Scottish naturalist John Muir wanted to "get near to the heart of the world", he went to Yosemite. Experience Yosemite National Park through Muir's eyes with this documentary that combines spectacular footage with meditative music and thoughtful narration. Stunning waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, year-round glaciers, and expansive valleys provide a magnificent backdrop for observing Yosemite's wildlife, including deer, black bears, and coyotes. Marvel at the mighty sequoia trees, the largest living things on Earth--found nowhere else on Earth except the western slope of these mountains. See the seasonal splendor throughout the park's remarkable landscape: from the spring wildflowers that dot the valley floor and grow in alpine heights, the lush green of summer, the brilliant blazes of autumn, and the icy grandeur of winter. Beautifully narrated from Muir's original notebooks, this DVD is a heartfelt tribute to one of America's national treasures.