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World Book 2013 Multimedia Deluxe Edition

It's more than just the world's best encyclopedia. It's also a media center where you can enjoy a world-class music and photo collection—view 15,000+ photos in dozens of categories accompanied by just the right music for your mood. There's an incredible amount of multimedia—an astounding 654 videos and 822 audio files. There's even a library of 360-degree panoramic views—take a spin around Paris, viewing it from every angle imaginable! One of my favorite features is an incredible moment-in-history search that allows you to enter any date (e.g., the date you were born), and it then tells you what was happening in the world on that day. There's even a "Surf the Ages" feature, plus a trivia game that's guaranteed to entertain both children and adults. With your 2013 Deluxe Edition you'll also enjoy a collection of hundreds of kid-friendly web cameras located all around the world—watch life on our planet unfold before your eyes, in real time. It's your opportunity to literally see the world with the click of a mouse. The 2013 Deluxe Edition also contains a dictionary with audio pronunciations for 248,000 entries. There's an atlas with thousands of maps, plus historical information, relevant articles, and geographic statistics. And yes, this disc contains the complete up-to-date 22-volume set of World Book Encyclopedia. For just $15, this is a steal. And to make the offer even better, this product provides free online updates for one year—just click the "Update Now" button—it's that easy! I have never seen anything like the 2013 World Book Deluxe Edition. Macworld Magazine says this product has "...a visually stunning, fantastically intuitive interface." I couldn't agree more. I guarantee this product will exceed your expectations.