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2 CD-ROM set (Interactive Atlas /3D World Atlas)

Interactive Atlas — Start your travels in your home state, or journey through one of the featured places of mystery: Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness, Roswell, Stonehenge, etc. And of course your virtual expedition can include visits to countries, provinces, states, and cities throughout the world. You can explore by clicking on the interactive map, or search by categories such as geographic features, regions, and "of interest".

3D World Atlas lets you explore the world like never before. This product brings the experience to life unlike any typical, flat atlases by creating a sensation of depth, time, and space I haven't found in other products. This program takes interactive mapping to a new level, with "virtual globe" technology that renders flat maps as 3D globes which rotate on your command. Windows compatible (including XP, Vista and 7).