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The White House: Behind Closed Doors DVD

The White House: Behind Closed Doors DVD – The White House is at all times many different things. It's a museum where tourists come to see our country's history, a place of business where some of the greatest decisions of democracy have been made and, to the families of the Presidents, it has also been a home. The White House is perhaps the most photographed location in all of the United States of America, but those images are mostly from the outside looking in. Now you're invited to the first in-depth televised tour of this grand residence since Jacqueline Kennedy invited cameras inside in 1962. President and Mrs. Bush share their own personal insights and what it has been like to live in this historical house. In addition, special guests, brothers Leslie and Leigh Keno, well known from television's Antiques Roadshow, join the tour to offer their insight and engaging curiosity to the journey. Total runtime is approximately 67 minutes.

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