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Last-Minute Doorknob Organizer and 2 Leatherbound Bookmark Magnifiers

The Last-Minute Doorknob Organizer—This product puts everything at your fingertips as you head out the door. The doorknob organizer slips over your doorknob and holds everything from keys and cell phones to eyeglasses, pens, messages, letters, and more. It has three open pockets plus a snap-on key holder and a magazine/newspaper/letter holder. It is red, so it will no doubt get your attention. It's approximately 12 inches long, and it's exceptionally durable with attractive white stitching. I guarantee you'll be pleased with this product. Get it now for only $6.

Leather Bound Bookmark Magnifier—As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have one—or several. It's an ultra-convenient, flexible bookmark magnifier. I'll keep one in my phone book and one on my desk, another in my glovebox, one in my kitchen, and another in my bedroom. It provides powerful 3X magnification and is elegantly trimmed with red leather. Best of all, it fits conveniently in your pocket, so it can be available anytime when you're out and about. Get yours now at the special price of 2 for only $7.