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The Elements of Poetry /The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style (Audio CD) is arguably the most authoritative, respected resource for writing and communication. This audio CD is based upon William Strunk's book of the same name, which is widely used in high schools and colleges across the nation. This audio CD is your guide to improving everything from spelling and grammar to punctuation and word usage. Learn how to avoid 56 commonly misspelled words, how to steer clear of frequently misused words, and even when to use a semi-colon. This audio CD is full of easy-to-understand, practical tips to improve both written and spoken communication. Your words will make a more powerful statement, and a greater impact, when you learn the techniques in this audio CD. 

The Elements of Poetry (DVD)—An entertaining host and hostess guide you through elements of poetry with colorful graphics and an informative narrative. You'll learn about figurative language, meter and rhyme, simile, metaphor, oxymorons, assonance,  alliteration, imagery, understatement, hyperbole and more. If you don't know poetry, you don't know what you're missing—get this DVD now and find out. Total runtime is approximately 30 minutes.