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Spiderman Balls

What makes these so special?—They're surprisingly lightweight, which means they can be used indoors as well as outside. They bounce, they float, they're colorful, they're durable. Use them as a bath toy, a pool toy, or just like any other ball to play catch. Toss them, bounce them, float them in the pool. Squeeze one when you're stressed, throw them to have fun. Collect and trade them. At two inches in diameter, they're the perfect size for little hands—not too small, and not too large. When we go on a trip, I like to take a few toys for my son—these are perfect because they are small but versatile, and they're lightweight and won't break. Because they are foam rather than hard plastic, they're soft, which children like. They're good for playing with a friend or playing alone. They feature Spiderman in six different action graphics perfectly designed for the size and shape. This will be your child's favorite bath toy, pool toy, indoor toy and outdoor toy.

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