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Snowy Winter Cottage 3D Screensaver

Snowy Winter Cottage 3D CD-ROM is a screensaver, but it's unlike any screensaver you've seen before. It's like being inside an animated winter wonderland painting. There's something about the gentle falling snow and the tranquility of the cottages and landscape that creates a compelling, peaceful experience. Unlike any other screensaver I've ever seen, the movement of the "camera" enables you to come right up to the snowman or the front door of a cottage and then back away to explore other facets of the idyllic scene. You can control the rate of snowfall and even the winds. There's even a gentle musical accompaniment that can easily be turned on or off. Of all the next generation 3D screensavers that I have seen, this one is my favorite.

Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).