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Set of 3 Sports Math CD-ROMs (Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages)

Sports Math: Fractions Made Easy is the fun way to understand fractions. It is 5 games in 1, plus it has a 2-player option. Games include Long Jump, Penalty Shoot Out, High Flyer (where you get to choose from 8 different types of aircraft), Home Run Hitter, and Extra Long Jump. By incorporating fractions into sports fun, anyone can learn practical applications of one of the most important concepts in mathematics.

Sports Math: Decimals Made Easy is also 5 games in 1, plus it has a 2-player option. Games include Basketball, Balancing Scale, Wind Sailor, Card Match, and Safe Cracker. The fun action starts at the sports studio, where you choose the event. After you make a selection, the program cuts to the reporter on the scene, and you begin the challenge. These games truly turn decimals into practical fun.

Sports Math: Percentages Made Easy rounds out the field with another 5 games in 1, plus a 2-player option. Games include Ski Jump, Magic Shop, Pizza Topper, Computer Scan, and Treasure Maze. As the names of the games imply, this CD has both sports fun and other fun, and is the easy way to see how percentages make sense. Give your child the advantage of fun learning with this entertaining product.

These CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and Macintosh (OSX to 10.7) compatible.