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Set of 2 CD-ROMs (The Cosmos 3D /The Earth 3D)

With The Cosmos 3D, you'll travel into the depths of space to view everything from comets, meteors, and planets to far-away galaxies, nebulas, and even black holes. Whether you're interested in locating the constellations in the evening sky, learning about both lunar and solar eclipses, or discovering fascinating facts about the life cycle of stars and the formation of galaxies, this product is for you. 

Explore the wonders and intricacies of our planet with The Earth 3D. Learn about the extremes of weather: lightning, hurricanes, thunderstorms, monsoons, and tornadoes, and understand the intricacies of the greenhouse effect, seasons, tides, the Earth and Moon, celestial phenomena, the atmosphere, and so much more. I guarantee you'll learn something with this CD-ROM, and have fun in the process.

These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows XP compatible only.