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Set of 2 CD-ROMs (AMA Family Medical Guide /Family Scrapbook)

American Medical Association Family Medical Guide CD-ROM is an invaluable interactive guide to your family's health. This incredibly comprehensive yet easy-to-use product contains everything from emergency first aid to practical advice and preventive health care information, and an AMA-approved interactive diagnostic symptom chart. In addition, it has a glossary of over 700 medications, both over-the-counter and prescription. This CD-ROM is a "must-have" resource. 

Family Scrapbook CD-ROM helps you keep track of more than just memories. An indispensable aid for busy parents, this program helps you record moments you want to remember—and things you can't afford to forget. From details about your child's developing skills, to tracking which teeth have come and gone, to even recording vaccinations, allergies, and illnesses, parents will be grateful to keep health records in one convenient place. No more searching for phone numbers on small slips of paper, this CD-ROM will keep contact information for friends, relatives, and neighbors at your fingertips, as well as help you organize available babysitters and even print medical release forms for use in your absence. In addition, this program will encourage you and your children to record favorites and firsts—hobbies, pets, trips, awards, friends, birthdays—and even allows you to include photographs to cement those memories. This product will become a valued assistant in organizing your household, protecting your family, and remembering the important things. 

These 2 CD-ROMs are Windows XP compatible only.