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Search and Rescue 4 (CD-ROM)

Search and Rescue 4 is an extraordinarily detailed and sophisticated helicopter flight simulation game. You'll start by learning about the helicopter controls, and you'll quickly develop the skills to maneuver in tricky situations. Then you'll be ready to begin your missions—literally a hundred different missions that involve multiple emergency situations in an incredibly diverse array of interactive animated environments—everything from industrial/urban settings to ocean, canyon, and mountain terrains, and so much more. You can even fly missions to an iceberg or a volcanic island. The simulations are remarkably realistic and include radio communication and a command control interface, which integrates you into coordinated rescue attempts. For night missions, you have a moveable spotlight, and to add to the realism, there are animated helicopter crew members as well as animated people in distress. As you complete your missions, you'll be awarded higher ranks, and you will have an opportunity to prove your worth on even more difficult emergency rescues. Unlike many simulation games, this product is about saving virtual lives rather than killing people, and people who play this game actually get a chance to exercise their critical thinking skills. As I said earlier, it's not often that I sell a simulation game, but with this one, I just couldn't resist. 

Windows compatible (including XP, Vista and 7). Sorry, no Mac.