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Railroads: Tracks Across America (2 DVD set)

Railroads: Tracks Across America contains an astonishing 12 hours 36 minutes of film documenting both the history and grandeur of trains in America. You'll get an inside look at everything from a Civil War train to the glory of the steam engines to one of the giants, "Big Boy" whose wheels are over 6 feet tall. You'll witness the best of American railroading throughout the years and get an in-depth look like never before. Disc 1 contains 18 chapters: America's Railroads: The Glory Years, Wheels of Progress, A Great Railroad at Work, Desert Empire, The Big Train, New Horizons, Troop Train, This is My Railroad, At this Moment, Big Trains Rolling, Mainline USA, Beef Rings the Bell, Safe Roads, 3rd Ave. El, Operation Fast Freight, The Modern Coal Burning, Steam Locomotive, and Flight of the Century. Disc 2 contains 20 chapters: The Steam Locomotive, Railroads and Westward Expansion, 1845-1865, The Nickel Plate Story, End of an Era, The California Zephyr, Return of the General, The Freight Train, Railroad Man, The Railroad Story, Son of the Pioneer, Rolling the Freight, Snow on the Run, The Power behind the Nation, Clear Track Ahead!, A Railroad at Work, Last of the Giants, Progress on the Rails, Wheels of Steel, and Opening a New Frontier.

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