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Power Pinball CD-ROM

For less than the cost of one game of pinball, you can now own a virtual pinball machine. 

Power Pinball is the Windows version of 6 of the best pinball machines ever created: 

Dare DevilJackpotJailbreakKickoffTarantula, and The Visitors. Each game has realistic ball movement and features its own system of scoring and rewards for hitting special targets and bonuses. Challenge the Wall O' Death, shoot for the Getaway in the Escape Tunnel, and avoid the Tarantula's Venom with these fun, addicting games. As you get quicker on the table, you can alter your difficulty rating and the number of balls you start with, so you'll always be challenged by this game. And of course, there is a multi-player option as well. This is the next best thing to owning your own pinball arcade. 

Windows XP compatible.