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Marilyn Monroe 20th Century Icons DVD

Marilyn Monroe 20th Century Icons DVD is an extraordinary compilation of Marilyn Monroe interviews, movie trailers and commercials, her life story, and more. This product includes five comprehensive chapters. The first is a 25 minute biography that spans her entire lifetime. This biography includes film clips of Marilyn Monroe at various events and interviews, along with interesting narration about her life. The second chapter is from the TV show Person to Person (1955), which features reporter Edward R Murrow interviewing Marilyn Monroe at the house of photographer Milton Green. This informal interview is fascinating. The third chapter is a montage of five movie trailers plus a series of movie clips from her feature films. The fourth chapter contains automobile commercials that feature Marilyn Monroe. The fifth chapter is the feature film Home Town Story (1951), one of Marilyn Monroe's early movies when the stunning actress was on the brink of stardom.