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Let's Learn About: Money & Economics CD-ROM

Let's Learn About: Money & Economics CD-ROM

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The Let's Learn About series was designed by teachers to teach basic concepts to elementary school children. Each program contains three levels of difficulty so that early learners (7 or younger) can be exposed to new concepts, beginning learners (8-9) can gain familiarity, and intermediate learners (10+) can stretch themselves through more advanced ideas. Each program is packed with age-appropriate lessons, activities, and quizzes to keep your child interested, engaged, and learning. Let's Learn About: Money & Economics provides basic but incredibly practical knowledge. It introduces the topics of budgeting, banking, calculating interest rates, and so much more. You'll find lessons to match any level, plus challenging games to keep it interesting. You'll be amazed at how clearly this program explains important concepts.

Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).