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Internet Basics DVD

Internet Basics DVD is the easy way to learn the internet from A to Z. The material is presented by actors/comedians in a humorous but straightforward way that's easy to follow and easy to remember. It starts with the basics and builds from there, with topics that include: email, online purchasing, web browsers, web servers, web pages, hyperlinks, search engines, navigation tools, restricting unwanted sites, privacy and security, internet etiquette, passwords, and much more. You'll learn both how the Internet works and how to use it effectively. Interestingly, this product was created in 1999, and I was skeptical about it because it's so old. However I watched it start to finish, and although some of the material (especially the old computers) is obviously dated, the information is still highly relevant and worthwhile. I decided to license and market this product because I enjoyed watching it, and I learned some things in the process. I believe this program is useful for both novice and experienced computer users, and I think you'll be pleased with this product.