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Farmer Greenfield's Virtual Harvest

"Those plants could use some water, and maybe a bit of bug spray as well." With Farmer Greenfield's help, you can grow virtual flowers and vegetables in this one-of-a-kind science program that is as innovative as it is educational. Farmer Greenfield will provide encouragement and advice as you play a game that combines botany, resource management, introductory agronomy, and the practical application of basic mathematics. Watch day turn into night and then back to day as you control the rate at which time passes and plants grow. Predict the weather and watch it change as you decide which plants to water and when to water them. Create vegetable and flower gardens, and then decide what to harvest to obtain barter units for better farming tools or for landscaping items to beautify your farm. The practical applications of science and math in this game enable truly fun learning. This CD even contains our trademark Teacher's Edition features, including a teacher's guideline plus automatic tracking to record your child's progress. The multiple levels of play provide fun learning for ages 3 to adult.

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