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Be cool anywhere with this small but powerful personal fan. It's perfect for summer fun. It keeps you cool anywhere—hot sun and stuffy rooms are no problem. The soft white noise of the fan fades into the background, and at the same time it masks annoying sounds that can disturb your work, your sleep, or your fun. The convenient integrated stand is perfect for hands-free operation.

Here's what I like so much about this product: This Fan/Flashlight is the best of both. It's the perfect size for both functions, and it has obvious advantages over traditional fans and flashlights. Unlike a typical fan, this one is perfect for travel and can be used where there's no power. It's ideal for camping and the outdoors—keeps you cool, provides a handy light, and the breeze from the fan keeps mosquitos away. The integrated stand is perfect for setting the fan on a desk, table, shelf, or even on the ground. It's ultra-lightweight and has safe, soft, flexible blades. The flashlight is efficient and illuminates with a pleasant white light—it's convenient when you need it, and it's ideal as a stand-alone light for hand's free work, reading in bed, or use as a night light. This Fan/Flashlight fits conveniently in a pocket or purse—it's so lightweight you won't even know it's there. Use it at summer baseball games, a cook-out or picnic, the county fair, an afternoon at the pool. You'll never again be too hot on a bus, train, plane, or anywhere else. Use it to blow away cigarette smoke, unwanted odors, or stale air. If you're hot and your partner is cold, this is the perfect solution. It runs on two AAA batteries, not included, that power both the fan and the flashlight. You will be pleased with this product.