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Extreme Trains (2 DVD set)

Extreme Trains (2 DVD set)

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Extreme Trains Disc 1 – Get an inside look at trains and railroading like never before. This disc contains four separate installments that show you the inner workings of everything from high speed trains to the ice cold express, and of course coal and freight operations. You'll be amazed at the huge scale and sophistication of these trains/railroad operations. This is your opportunity to truly see how these transportation giants do what they do. Runtime is approximately 3 hours.

Extreme Trains Disc 2 – This disc has it all. You'll see the inner workings of a circus train, experience an overnight adventure, ride along for a transcontinental freight haul, and more. If you've never had a behind-the-scenes look at a circus train in action, you're in for a real treat—elephants, tigers, and all types of performers traveling in style. Your narrator is an actual railroad conductor so you get a true flavor of the experience. Runtime is approximately 3 hours.