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Creepy Halloween Classics for Kids DVD

Creepy Halloween Classics for Kids (DVD)— Get two Halloween feature films and a Halloween cartoon as well, all on this one DVD. The first movie is the 1959 classic The Giant Gila Monster. This black and white film features a 100-foot-long lizard in a small Texas town. Actually, this cult classic was filmed using a real lizard and a scaled-down model landscape. This sci-fi movie is Halloween entertainment for the whole family—drama and suspense, but no blood and gore. The second movie is Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter. This 1966 B-movie classic is a combination of an American Western and a horror movie in which Jesse James and Frankenstein's granddaughter are the main characters, and of course the monster as well. Finally, to round out your Halloween experience this DVD contains the cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost, in an episode entitled "A-Haunting We Will Go".