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ChemRacer 2713: The Legend of Kid Chem

The year is 2713 and Kid Chem, the greatest ChemRacer in history, has retired. Blaze Avogadro, the newest student of venerable trainer Rusty Alkali, is making news in the Elemental Derby League. While becoming the greatest ChemRacer in the universe, your child will learn interesting facts about the elements on the periodic table, as well as how they relate to the planets, geology, and the health sciences. ChemRacer 2713 is three games in one, that allow your child to experience the pulse-pounding excitement of the Training Series, the Pro Series, and the beat-the-clock action of the Super League. The program also contains our Teacher's Edition features, which include a teacher's guideline plus automatic tracking to record your child's learning.

Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10), and Mac OS9 to 10.6 compatible.

Temporarily Closed.

We will reopen in better times.