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CD/DVD Set (Soothing Songbirds Audio CD /Tropical Splendor DVD)

Soothing Songbirds (Audio CD) —There are few sounds more delightful and soothing than those of a songbird. Here's your chance to enjoy the best combination of songbirds and light classical piano/strings in harmony. I guarantee this product will lighten your mood and brighten your day. It's ideal for everything from entertaining to unwinding, and it's also perfect for a good night's sleep. You will enjoy this product.

Tropical Splendor (DVD)— This DVD will fill your home with tropical flowers, birds, and music. More than 200 stunning images—hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, butterflies, orchids—are choreographed to the music of Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Chopin. It makes any room more vibrant, alive, exciting, and inviting. It's perfect with morning coffee, and great when friends visit. It relaxes me after work and boosts my mood anytime. At bedtime, it's better than a book. And it even entertains my kids. I am the photographer and publisher—you can't get this product anywhere else. You will be pleased with this product.

The Soothing Songbirds Audio CD can be used in any CD player. Tropical Splendor DVD is compatible with DVD players throughout the USA to view on your television (or on a computer).