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Castle Explorer and Stowaway! (Set of 2 CD-ROMs)

Castle Explorer—Live-action characters make this medieval adventure truly one-of-a-kind. Learn first-hand what life was like in 14th century Europe as you take the role of either a servant or a spy—your choice. You will encounter Baron Mortimer—is he a friend or foe? Find out as you explore the secrets of the king's castle, and experience the daily life of its inhabitants. You will be given a mission considered truly vital to the king. Are you up for the task? 

Stowaway!—Get ready for an 18th century voyage—it's a bit more interesting than your typical cruise, though the food's not quite as good. See what William O'Bryan, the peg-leg sailor who serves pea soup and is nicknamed "Slushy", is stewing up in the galley. And don't eat that cheese—it's stale and the sailors use it to carve buttons for their uniforms. But don't forget your mission: find the stowaway. He's somewhere onboard the ship, but you'll have to search from bow to stern and quarterdeck to the hold because he's one crafty fellow. Please note that this product is designed to be an accurate portrayal of life at sea in the 18th century, and some of the material (e.g., medical treatment for sailors) might not be suitable for young children. 

Castle Explorer and Stowaway! are Windows XP compatible only (NOT Vista, 7, and 8 compatible).