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Calligraphy DVD

Calligraphy is something special--fancy typefonts and commercially printed invitations are simply an imitation of the real thing. There's nothing more royal, elegant, formal, or impressive than calligraphy, when it comes to invitations, cards, name tags or titles of any sort. You can even use it online to make an ordinary website impressive or to add an incredibly distinctive flair to all of your emails (i.e., by incorporating your calligraphy into the background). And one thing's for sure, no matter how you use it, your calligraphy will be absolutely unique and special. Calligraphy: A Complete Beginner's Guide DVD shows you everything you need to know, including numerous lettering styles that I guarantee you'll find impressive. There's no special talent required--simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions, and you'll be amazed at what you can create.