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Best of TV Detectives: Volume 3 DVD

Best of TV Detectives: Volume 3 DVDDecoy (1957)—Beverly Garland starred as an undercover New York City policewoman who faced all sorts of perilous situations. Episodes included are: "Fiesta at Midnight", "High Swing", "Night Light", "The Comeback", "The Sound of Tears" and "To Trap a Thief". The Shadow (1954)—Tom Helmore played Lamont Cranston, the wealthy young man about town who has mastered the art of clouding men's minds so as to be invisible to them. The 30 minute pilot episode for a proposed TV series, "The Case of the Cotton Kimono" which featured Paula Raymond as Lamont's girlfriend, Margot Lane, is included in this package. Total runtime 3 hours 1 minute.

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