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Around the World 52 Adventures DVD

If you have any interest in the wonders of the world, you'll be fascinated by this DVD. BBC camera crews traveled the world to capture the 52 most spectacular places. From manmade wonders to soaring monuments, from sacred religious sites to unspoiled natural ecosystems, this magnificent collection has it all—the unknown, the unexpected, and the breathtaking! Here's what you'll experience:
Europe — Grand Canal of Venice (Italy), Medici Chapel (Italy), Pantheon (Italy), Chartres Cathedral (France), Alhambra Palace (Spain), Parthenon (Greece), Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia), Finland. North America — Statue of Liberty (U.S.), Cliff Palace of Mesa Verde (U.S.), British Columbia (Canada), Ruins of Palenque (Mexico), Toltec Giants of Tula (Mexico). Asia — The Great Wall (China), Terracotta Army (China), Taj Mahal (India), Jantar Mantar Observatory (India), Rajasthan (India), Meenakshi Temple of Madurai (India), Hagia Sophia (Turkey), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Trading Domes of Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Borobudur Buddhist Temple (Java), Temple Of The Tooth (Sri Lanka), Sigiriya Rock Palace (Sri Lanka), Persian City of Persepolis (Iran), Great Temple of Petra (Jordan), Bhutan, Oman, Borneo, Shanghai (China), Malaysian Islands. Africa — Pyramids (Egypt), Death Mask of Tutankhamun (Egypt), Queen Nefertari's Tomb (Egypt), Qasr al-Haj Berber Granary (Libya), Roman City of Leptis Magna (Libya), Djenne Mosque (Mali), Dogon Masks (Mali), Kingdom of Axum (Ethiopia), Botswana (Southern Africa). South America — Machu Picchu (Peru), Burial Treasures of the Moche (Peru), Mud City Of Chan Chan (Peru), Nazca Line (Peru), Umahara Headdress (Brazil), Chile, Easter Island Moai Statues, Galapagos Islands.
Total run time is approximately 180 minutes.