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Abbott & Costello DVD

Whether you're new to Abbott & Costello or are a long-time fan, the Abbott & Costello DVD is a real treat. Abbott & Costello formed one of the most popular teams in the history of comedy. Their oddball antics have endeared them to generations of viewers. This is a collection of two of their well known movies "Jack and the Beanstalk" (runtime 78 minutes) and "Africa Screams" (runtime 79 minutes), plus a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin classic "At War With the Army" (runtime 90 minutes). The two Abbott & Costello movies made their debut in 1949 and 1952, and the Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin film was released in 1950. Abbott & Costello and Lewis & Martin were the kings of comedy in their day, and their humor is every bit as funny now as it was 60+ years ago. You will enjoy this collection.

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