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4 DVD Set (Complete Guide to Caring For Your Dog/ Easy Dog Training & Care/ Cats/ All About Cats)

Dog Care Library (2 DVD Set) — Disc 1, A Complete Guide to Caring for Your Dog, is a valuable resource throughout your dog's life. It covers all the fundamentals of dog care for all stages of your dog's life, and it includes many tips that can make life easier for both you and your "best friend".

Disc 2, Easy Dog Training & Care, is a wonder product for dogs and their owners. This interactive DVD is the perfect way to teach your dog to respond to your commands, and it's also a valuable resource for everything from dog care to finding the best equipment, toys, and foods for your dog.

Cat Care Library (2 DVD Set) — Disc 1, Cats, is an incredibly comprehensive resource. Dr. Peter Neville, one of the United Kingdom's best-known and respected animal experts, gives you insights into everything from understanding cats' temperaments to providing important preventive care, and so much more. You'll learn details about the best way to choose foods, food bowls, carriers, toys, bedding, and more. Disc 2, All About Cats, contains 12 chapters: Communicating with Cats, Weird and Wonderful Products for Cats, Fascinating Feline Facts, TICA Cat Show, and so much more. 

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