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4 DVD Set (Fun Facts & Little Known Facts of American History /Space Facts I & II)

Fun Facts of American History DVD – The American past is filled with fascinating, unusual stories. This DVD contains extraordinary vintage film footage as well as off-beat tales that are all true, and all part of our great American heritage. You'll discover the origin of American customs ranging from throwing rice at a wedding to how we drive our cars. Find out why horse shoes are considered good luck and discover wacky inventions that were actually filed at the US Patent Office. Next, Little Known Facts of American History (DVD) examines both the little known facts and the Americans involved. We all know most of the major events in America's history, but the little known happenings are sometimes more fascinating and possibly just as important. Discover the origins of things we take for granted, such as road signs, time zones, and garbage collection, and inventions that range from tissue paper to potato chips. Learn about the first telephone operators and first baseball umpires, and many unsung American heroes, both men and women. These 2 DVDs are remarkably entertaining and informative—you will be pleased.

Space Facts I – This unique video takes a fact-filled look at 23 of the most important events from man's on-going adventure in space. Starting with the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik I, you will learn the key information that makes these achievements so memorable and important to the development of modern science. Among the subjects covered are: The Mercury Astronauts, the first woman in space, the Gemini program, the race to the moon, Apollo 13, Skylab, the Viking and Voyager probes, the Space Shuttle and the discovery of possible life-form remains in a meteorite from Mars. Next, Space Facts II explores the link between space exploration and its impact on technological, environmental and medical advances. This DVD puts viewers on the forefront of space exploration, examining its role on Earth in fighting forest fires, controlling diseases (such as diabetes), combating air pollution, and mapping solar and lunar cycles. Marvel at how space exploration impacts everyday life in ways you never imagined. Delve into the history and evolution of "space planes" and space suits. Space Facts II also includes visually stunning images shot from space that show the sun's violent energy and the Earth's spectacular beauty.