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4 DVD Set (Classic Cartoons Vols 1 & 2 / Classic Cartoon Library Series 4-Discs 1 & 2)

Classic Cartoons (Volume 1) — Popeye and Betty Boop are two of the most famous classic cartoon characters ever created. This disc contains 30 Popeye cartoons (3 hrs. 38 min.) ranging from the 1930's through the 1950's and 22 Betty Boop cartoons (2 hrs. 17 min.) all from the 1930's. The quality and entertainment value is top notch—they don't make them like they used to.

Classic Cartoons (Volume 2) — This disc contains a wide variety of cartoon classics featuring Felix the Cat, Casper, Little Lulu, The Three Stooges, and much more. These cartoons range from the 1930's up to the 1960's. There's a reason these are classics—they're highly entertaining. When some of these cartoons were first released, people went to movie theaters to see them. You will be pleased with this collection.

Classic Cartoon Library Series 4 (Disc 1) — This disc contains 47 cartoons. Five are beautifully done "puppet animation" fairy tales by Ray Harryhausen, arguably the biggest name in puppet animation. Twelve are Farmer Alfalfa cartoons dating back to 1917. Farmer Alfalfa was the first publicly released sound cartoon. Six are Walt Disney cartoons from the 1920s. Also there are six Christmas cartoons, nine Wacky & Packy classics, two Herman the Mouse episodes, and many more. The quality and entertainment value is excellent. Total runtime is 6 hours 19 minutes.

Classic Cartoon Library Series 4 (Disc 2) — This disc contains 49 cartoon classics. Twenty-five are Colonel Bleep episodes, the first color cartoon ever made for television. Five are George Pal Puppetoons, an animation technique that used a different puppet, or puppet part, for each animation frame. A typical Puppetoon required about 9000 puppets/parts. There are also nine Christmas cartoons, ten Mel-O-Toons, and an episode of Meany, Miny, and Moe. You will be pleased with this collection. Total runtime 5 hours 43 minutes.

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