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(4 DVD Set) Best of the Beverly Hillbillies

Best of the Beverly Hillbillies - This 4 disc collection includes most of the first season (when the series was the top rated show in television) plus several episodes from the second season. Disc 1 includes the following episodes: The Clampetts Strike Oil, Getting Settled, Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin, The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale, The Servants, Jethro Goes to School, Pygmalion and Elly, Elly Races Jethrine, and The Great Feud. Disc 2 includes the following episodes: No Place Like Home, Jed Rescues Pearl, Back to Californy, Jed's Dilemma, Jed Saves The Drysdale's Marriage, Elly's Animals, Jed Throws a Wing Ding, Jed Plays Solomon, Jed Buys the Freeway, and Jed Becomes a Banker. Disc 3 contains the following episodes: The Family Tree, Jed Cuts the Family Tree, Granny's Spring Tonic, The Clampetts and The Dodgers, The Clampetts in Court, Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed, Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted, Hair Raising Holiday, Granny's Garden, and Elly Starts to School. Disc 4 includes the following episodes: Jethro's First Love, Chickadee Returns, The Clampetts are Overdrawn, The Clampetts Go Hollywood, Elly Needs a Maw, A Man for Elly, The Giant Jackrabbit, Lafe Lingers On, and The Race for Queen. These DVDs also include the Holiday episodes Home for Christmas (Disc 1) and Christmas at The Clampetts (Disc 4). Total runtime is approximately 16 hours 40 minutes.