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4 DVD Set (Algebra 1/Learn Algebra 2/Learn Geometry 1/Geometry 2)

Algebra (2 DVD Set) – It doesn't take magic or extraordinary brain power—the clear explanations and fun format make it easy, and you'll know a great deal of algebra when you're done. Specifically, you will learn relations and variables, algebraic equations, terms, monomials, binomials, trinomials and polynomials, domain and range, inverse functions, identity properties (additive and multiplicative), commutative property, associative property, inverse properties (additive and multiplicative), distributive property, slope-intercept formula, point-slope formula, properties of linear graphs, roots, x-intercept formula, Relations and Squares and Square Roots, Radicals, Perfect Squares, Multiplying Binomials, The FOIL Method, Quadratic Graphs, Quadratic vs. Linear Equations, Quadratic Standard Form, Parabolas, Vertex, Y-intercept, Axis of Symmetry, Factoring Quadratic Equations, Reverse FOIL, Real & Single Roots, Quadratic Equations, Discriminants, Imaginary & Complex Numbers, Constants, Multiplying & Factoring Polynomials, Properties of Polynomial Graphs, and much more.

Geometry (2 DVD Set) – It's all clear, simple, and fun with this 2-DVD set. You'll be amazed and delighted with this product! You will learn Euclidean geometry, planes & space, postulates & theorems, complimentary & supplementary angles, proofs, corresponding angles, scalene triangles, congruent triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals, convex and concave regions, parallelograms, rhombuses (rhombi), trapezoids, similar triangles, altitudes, Pythagorean theorem, special right triangles, units and conversions, circles, circumference, the area congruence postulate, the area addition postulate, area formulas, surface area and volume formulas for right prisms, cylinders and spheres, and much, much more. Total runtime is approximately 2 hours 20 minutes.