4 DVD Kid Science Experiments set (Chemistry /Biology /Nature /Physics)

4 DVD Kid Science Experiments set (Chemistry /Biology /Nature /Physics)

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Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments — Make paper and water defy gravity; break up water molecules to create hydrogen and oxygen; turn a chicken bone into something like rubber; clean old pennies; and discover what causes rust and when rust is most likely to form. These are just a few of the 15 experiments demonstrated on video in this exceptional product. Chemistry isn't just fun—it's fascinating!

 Kid Science: Biology Experiments — Learn about plants and animals through 15 experiments presented in clear, easy-to-follow videos. With this DVD you will learn how to test foods for starch content, discover how plants control their growth, make a taste map of your tongue, and more. Additional experiments with video demonstrations include fermenting sugar, growing plants in the dark, and transpiration.

Kid Science: Nature Experiments — 15 videos demonstrate experiments ranging from table-top simulations of thunder and erosion to making rain indoors. In one of your experiments you'll purify water, and in another you will turn old paper scraps into new paper. There is even an experiment to determine the rate at which snow collects dirt from the environment.

Kid Science: Physics Experiments — Magnet Eraser, Elastic Energy, Electromagnetism, White Rainbow, Spinning Water, and Flicking Pennies are just a handful of the video-demonstrated experiments you will do with this DVD. There are videos of 15 experiments, all providing simple demonstrations of a variety of physics-related phenomena.