4 CD-ROM Set (Leonardo's Spanish /Math Barge /Spelling Bugs HD /Quad. Word Find)

4 CD-ROM Set (Leonardo's Spanish /Math Barge /Spelling Bugs HD /Quad. Word Find)

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Leonardo's Language Bridge is your opportunity to learn Spanish in a painting and racing game. With this language game, you help the main character, Leonardo, create language bridges, and then you drive his virtual car on a bridge obstacle course in a race against the clock. The bridges that you create can be stored in the gallery for later viewing. This CD-ROM contains 31 categories of words and phrases, all spoken by native speakers. Whether your goal is to learn the basics, sharpen your skills, or even help prepare for foreign travel, this game is for you.

Math Barge is an addictive game, but it's anything but mindless. In fact, while you're playing this game, you'll be practicing math that's useful for school and everyday life. With just about any skill, the more you do it, the faster and better you get—certainly that's true of math. In Math Barge, our cargo-loading machine has gone haywire, and we need you to help us grab the right cargo before it takes a swim. To do this, you'll navigate a boat to catch crates with the correct answers to math equations. But watch out—catch the wrong crate, and you're sunk. There are multiple levels of difficulty, and each one is infinitely playable. In addition, you can customize each level to target the type of math you wish to practice.

Spelling Bugs is actually 2 spelling and vocabulary games on 1 CD-ROM. In the first game, you'll help a hungry caterpillar turn into a stylish butterfly by correctly spelling the missing words. In the second game, you'll match vocabulary words with their definitions on your way toward a grand celebration. As an added bonus, both games are available in English or Spanish, so you can choose which language to practice. The characters in both games are colorful cartoon bugs that challenge and entertain through 33 levels of play. With thousands of words and definitions ranging from the most basic to the most obscure, everyone will love Spelling Bugs. This product is bilingual English/Spanish.

Quadrinarian Word Find – Build your vocabulary and test your brain power with all eight variations of Word Find included on this one CD. You can even play a two-player game to test your skills against those of friends or family. Each of the eight variations has 22 levels, for a total of 176 levels of play, and there are thousands of words that can appear in an infinite number of randomly generated word grids. And you'll never get bored because these games are set in the virtual world Quadrinaria that adds another element to the experience. And of course this CD also contains our trademark Teacher's Edition features, including a teacher's guideline plus automatic tracking.

These 4 CD-ROMs are Windows (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and Macintosh (OSX 10.4 - 10.6) compatible.