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4 CD-ROM Set (Jewel Drop /Jewel Labyrinth /Jewel Wizardry /Jewel Mines)

Jewel Drop features nine game variations with stunning graphics, 30+ backgrounds, and literally endless levels of play. The object of this game is to collect as many jewels as possible (by swapping jewels with those adjacent to get three of the same kind in a row) before you run out of moves. Custom settings enable you to make this game truly your own. You can create multiple jewel combos for power-ups and bonus points. Also, gem sets can be changed on the fly for a customized look. Play the with Classic and Levels modes or race in Timed mode for the ultimate fast and furious swap challenge.

Jewel Labyrinth has a game environment that really draws you in—real time tilt and zoom graphics in a compelling 3D environment. This game is the brain teaser of all brain teasers—it's a deceptively simple game of logic in which you can only push jewels forward to their target destinations. Sound easy? Beware, you can push a jewel into a locked or "un-push-able" position, so plan your moves carefully—clever strategy solves the puzzles. You can customize your game with your choice of cave and wall textures/colors to suit your style. With more than 680 levels of play, this game provides nearly endless challenges.

In Jewel Wizardry, you'll cover the crystals on the puzzle board with specially shaped puzzle pieces. Sounds easy, right? But you've got to use strategy to be able to eliminate all of the crystals without leaving any behind. Fortunately, you'll be accompanied by a wizard and his tools, a hammer and a wand, that can eliminate those extra crystals. Since the wand and hammer have a limited number of uses per game, you'll want to use them wisely. If you do, you'll be the hero of the castle. 

Jewel Mines is a new take on a classic game. Your mission is to eliminate all of the jewels from the mine. Sounds easy, right? With 4 difficulty levels, 2 versions of play, a constantly increasing number of jewels, and increasing speeds of rising jewels, it's definitely not. In the arcade version, you must beat the clock by eliminating the jewels in groups of 3 of a kind. But be careful—when you eliminate a set, everything around it collapses. You are your own worst enemy in the puzzle version—there's no ticking clock, but every time you eliminate a set of jewels, they rise closer to the top and can easily overwhelm you. This game is easy to learn but incredibly challenging.

These 4 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7 and 8).