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4 CD-ROM Just Cooking Set (Desserts /Healthy Recipes /Soups and Salads /Seafood)

Just Desserts contains 55 recipes, and you'll want to try them all. You get video instruction on ten of the recipes, including Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Tart, Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, and Hot Cheese Souffle—the type of desserts you hope to see on the menu of the best new restaurants. The recipes on this CD-ROM are exquisite, and perfect for special occasions.

Just Healthy Recipes are surprisingly tempting and fun. With this CD-ROM you get video cooking lessons from a professional, and you'll be making impressive gourmet foods in no time. There are 55 recipes on this CD-ROM, including ten with video instruction. Recipes include Provencale Sandwiches, Zucchini Coquettes, Mushroom Pate, and so much more.

Just Soups and Salads will definitely take your eye off the main course. Why have "soup or salad" when you can have both? Try Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup, or White Gazpacho. Then taste the Raspberry Pear Salad, or Moroccan Orange & Black Olive Salad. There are 55 recipes on this CD-ROM, including ten with video instruction, that will turn heads and delight taste buds.

Just Seafood has recipes that range from the practical to the exotic. There are seven different recipes for salmon, and lots more for shrimp. And you'll want to try the Mussels with Red Tomato Curry, and the Seared Tuna & Mussel Ragout. Ten of the recipes have complete video instruction. Also, this CD-ROM is loaded with tips to make your cooking experience a sure success.

These 4 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7 and 8).