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4 CD-ROM Game Software Bundle

Hexagon Mahjongg is not more difficult than the traditional game—it's simply more exciting, and anyone can play it. All you have to do is match similar symbols, but your selection and placement determine your options for the next move. Customize your game by selecting from five different game modes, more than 20 elegant tile sets, 1,500 unique layouts, 21 different backgrounds, and literally 10,000 different levels. Choose from a classic mode, bonus mode with power-up tiles, a level-based adventure mode, a memory mode, and even a quickmatch mode. No matter what your style, there's something here for everyone.

Watching the show on television is entirely different from playing the actual game. With Jeopardy! Deluxe, experience what it's like to make that split-second decision to buzz in while you're still trying to decide if you truly know the answer. Experience the frustration of knowing the answer, but being a fraction of a second too late as your opponent gets the points. Weigh the odds and decide what you're willing to risk on a Daily Double, and then ultimately on Final Jeopardy. With Jeopardy! Deluxe CD-ROM, you can play with your friends or against virtual opponents (where you control your opponents' abilities). In addition to the traditional version of Jeopardy, this CD-ROM also features solo play, where it's just you and the Jeopardy! board. Or, choose the daily version—you'll receive one Jeopardy! question each day, and you can even track your score over time. There's so much more to this game than simply knowing a lot of trivia—find out for yourself.

Bicycle Family Card Games — Get nine of the most popular card games ever, and enjoy a variety of options for each. This product contains easy-to-use tutorials for all games and allows you to customize the look and feel of the gameplay. The games include Hearts, Canasta, Rummy, Gin Rummy, Old Maid, War, Go Fish, Skat, and Crazy 8's. Play against the computer, for entertainment that's way better than solitaire. This CD-ROM game is even better than the real thing—you won't be disappointed.

So... You think you can putt? Minigolf, The Game will put you to the test. It has the pleasing look and feel of a real-world, exceptionally well-designed and manicured minigolf course. Challenge yourself (or your friends) to a round of minigolf at a virtual course, where you'll try to overcome twists and turns, water holes, sand traps, bonus holes, and other fun obstacles that make this game just like the real thing.

This 4 CD-ROM Game Software Bundle is Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).