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3 DVDs (Tropical Tranquility /Video Vacation /Relaxation & Inspiration: In the Countryside)

Escape to Tropical Tranquility, a paradise of soothing videos set to gently swaying music and ocean sounds. From spectacular ocean sunsets to peaceful beachside solitude, this relaxing DVD presents some of the most beautiful scenes ever captured. This is the perfect backdrop for unwinding at the end of a long day or the perfect supplement for yoga, stretching, or any type of indoor exercise (e.g. running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike). As a bonus, this DVD features six tracks of relaxing music that you can listen to on your computer, copy to a CD for use in a CD player, or download to an MP3 player.

Video Vacation uses a combination of spectacular scenery and soothing instrumental music to transport you to some of the most quaint, exotic, and memorable places in the world. Whether your goal is to relax, dream, reminisce, or simply get a taste of the unforgettable, this DVD is the perfect way to do it. From the rolling vineyards of France, to the incredibly regal Buckingham Palace, to the magnificent beaches of Hawaii and St. Martin, you'll see and hear the sights and sounds from the world's best vacation destinations. As a bonus, this DVD also includes 40 tracks of relaxing music (3 hours 35 minutes) that you can listen to on your computer, copy to a CD for use in a CD player, or download to an MP3 player.

With Relaxation & Inspiration: In the Countryside, your environment for relaxation is the English countryside. This DVD was expertly designed to feature inherently calming subjects, such as a hot-air balloon drifting past the tower of an old church, butterflies on a thistle, and a distant shot of a sprinkler in a farmer’s field. All of the scenes take place in spring, summer, and fall, and highlight the foliage and colors of each season. Use this DVD for simple relaxation, accompaniment to any mental or physical activity, or even an elegant mood setting for an intimate dinner. You will be pleased with this product.