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3 DVDs (Grand Canyon /Yellowstone /Yosemite)

3 DVDs (Grand Canyon /Yellowstone /Yosemite)

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Combining breathtaking cinematography with expert narration and meditative music, the Grand Canyon: Symphony of Stone DVD tells the fascinating story of the Grand Canyon-past, present, and future. Discover how the mighty canyon was created from stone, water, and time; understand the canyon's ongoing relationship with its neighboring peoples; and learn how to preserve its fragile ecosystem. Climb through a Pueblo ruin, discover millions of years of history in its rock walls, or watch as a year's worth of weather, light, and seasons pass through the canyon to create a stunning panorama. With 60-minutes of film including historical maps, dramatic time-lapse photographs, and rare footage from hard-to-reach locations, this award-winning documentary will let you see the canyon like never before. Bonus materials include 7 maps, geologic cross sections, trivia, resource links, and much more.

Yellowstone: Fabric of a Dream DVD—When 17th-century explorers told tales of a place where steam spewed from the Earth, trees turned to stone, and mud lakes boiled, they were laughed at. See this mythical land for yourself, where all the elements--fire, water, earth, and air-clash to create one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. See how volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, and earthquakes forged Yellowstone over millions of years. From the spectacular eruptions of Old Faithful to the otherworldly terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs, heart-stopping waterfalls, and burbling mud pots, as well as mountains, lakes, and one of the largest petrified forests in the world, you'll see all of the Park's most glorious sights and secret places. Observe the bison, elk, moose, wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles, and more that live in the Park, and learn why Yellowstone is called "America's Serengeti". With more than an hour of breathtaking footage, meditative narration, and soothing music, this DVD is perfect for nature lovers and armchair adventurers alike.

Yosemite: The Storm of Beauty—When Scottish naturalist John Muir wanted to “get near to the heart of the world”, he went to Yosemite. Experience Yosemite National Park through Muir’s eyes with this documentary that combines spectacular footage with meditative music and thoughtful narration. Stunning waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, year-round glaciers, and expansive valleys provide a magnificent backdrop for observing Yosemite’s wildlife, including deer, black bears, and coyotes. Marvel at the mighty sequoia trees—the largest living things on Earth—found nowhere else on Earth except the western slope of these mountains. See the seasonal splendor throughout the park’s remarkable landscape: from the spring wildflowers that dot the valley floor and grow in alpine heights, the lush green of summer, the brilliant blazes of autumn, and the icy grandeur of winter. Beautifully narrated from Muir’s original notebooks, this DVD is a heartfelt tribute to one of America’s national treasures.