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3 DVD Set (Learn Biology /Statistics 1 /Calculus 1)

3 DVD Set (Learn Biology /Statistics 1 /Calculus 1)

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Learn Biology DVD – If you want to understand Biology, then you should get this disc. The format is highly entertaining with actors/comedians presenting the material in a humorous but straightforward way that makes it easy to learn and remember. Topics include: genes, atoms, proteins & protein formation, anatomy of a cell, procaryote-eukaryote, cell structures, DNA, RNA, mRNA, protein shape-function, tRNA, passive & active transport, endocytosis, cell growth, meiosis & mitosis, metabolism, principle of segregation, principle of independent assortment, oxidation-reduction, photosynthesis, ATP, and much, much more. Total runtime is approximately 128 minutes.

Statistics 1 DVD—This DVD is like learning a magician's secrets—what once was baffling becomes clear and simple. Topics include: mean calculations, median calculations, mode, the distribution curve, standard deviation calculation and relevance, population for statistical analysis, samples for statistical analysis, stem-and-leaf displays to graphically depict data, and much more. Total runtime is approximately 122 minutes.

Conquer Calculus 1 DVD – It doesn't take magic or extraordinary brain power—the clear explanations and fun format make it easy, and you'll know a great deal of calculus when you're done. Specifically, you will learn derivatives, vertical and horizontal asymptotes, finding the equation of a tangent line, point-slope formula, exponential functions, natural logs, plus a review of functions and graphing limits, and much, much more. You will be entertained by this product, and you'll learn an astonishing amount. You don't need to know anything to get started, but I guarantee you'll know a great deal by the time you're finished. Total runtime is approximately 120 minutes.