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3 DVD Set (Birds of the Backyard /Hummingbirds of the Backyard /Tropical Splendor)

Birds of the Backyard—Marvel at the drama and vibrant beauty of backyard birds, while learning the secrets of attracting birds to the yard. With this DVD, you have the option of entertaining/informative narration, or you can watch without narration and simply enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Backyard birds featured in this DVD include the pileated woodpecker, bluebird, purple finch, red-headed woodpecker, cardinal, mourning dove, snowbird, oriole, redwing, black-capped chickadee, tanger, downy woodpecker, house finch, goldfinch, pine siskin, yellow-bellied sapsucker, American robin, American yellow warbler, Carolina wren, blue jay, purple martin, and hummingbird. Run time is approximately 120 minutes.

Hummingbirds of the Backyard—Come along with Sheri Williamson, author of the Peterson Guide to Hummingbirds, on this fascinating video journey into the secret lives of North America's favorite birds. You'll see superb close-up and slow-motion video of hummingbirds in action. She'll introduce you to 14 species that nest in the U.S. and Canada, and she'll show you how to attract them to your yard. Featured hummingbirds include: calliope, Allen's, broad-billed, violet-crowned, broad-tailed, magnificent, white-eared, Costa's, black-chinned, ruby-throated, rufous, Anna's, Lucifer, and blue-throated. You can choose between highly informative narration or the simple, uninterrupted pleasure of the birds, or both. Run time is approximately 50 minutes.

Tropical Splendor will fill your home with tropical flowers, birds, and music. More than 200 stunning images—hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, butterflies, orchids—are choreographed to the music of Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Chopin. It makes any room more vibrant, alive, exciting, and inviting. It's perfect with morning coffee, and great when friends visit. It relaxes me after work and boosts my mood anytime. At bedtime, it's better than a book. And it even entertains my kids. This is one of my favorite products.