3 CD-ROMs (Mozart's Musical Adventure /Vivaldi's Musical Adventure /Tchaikovsky's Musical Adventure)

3 CD-ROMs (Mozart's Musical Adventure /Vivaldi's Musical Adventure /Tchaikovsky's Musical Adventure)

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Mozart's Musical Adventure entertains and educates with colorful graphics and 14 different activities. Through memory games, sound-pattern recognition games, puzzles, and more, you can learn to recognize the sounds of various instruments and familiar tunes, as well as build your music vocabulary, memory, and logic skills. Mozart has written some of the most highly recognizable music of all time, yet when most of us hear it, we don't know who wrote it. Here's your chance to put a face and a name to tunes you're heard a thousand times.

With its whimsical Alice in Wonderland setting, Vivaldi's Musical Adventure makes learning music an adventure. Match instruments by their sounds in The Pool of Tears, or choose from distorted passages of The Four Seasons to find the correct version in Rabbit House Twisted Riddles. You can even solve musical jigsaw puzzles by guessing which instruments are used in the selection. Learn more about Vivaldi himself by reading his biography, or by spending time in the Listening Room, hearing some of his most famous works.

Bring The Nutcracker to life with Tchaikovsky's Musical Adventure. In the Find Me on the Tree game, match familiar characters with themes from the ballet. You will learn to recognize selections from The Nutcracker and other pieces, plus give your brain a workout with Truly Twisted Riddle Games, Memory Music Card Games, Musical Puzzles, and much more. This CD-ROM will be a family favorite for years to come.

These 3 CD-ROMs are Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).