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3 CD-ROM Screensavers - London Day and Night 3D/New York Night and Day 3D/Wonders of Egypt 3D

With London Day and Night 3D, you'll look across the Thames River for a perfect view of Big Ben and one of the oldest and most famous churches, Westminster Abbey. You can also see the House of Parliament in the background. New York Day and Night 3D transports you to one of the world's most fascinating destinations--exciting, enchanting, historic, entertaining, invigorating, and simply awe-inspiring. With Wonders of Egypt 3D the camera moves slowly through the grand tomb of Tutankhamun and the temples of Abu Simbel, then onto the ruins of Ramesseum, and finally out to the serene, majestic Nile River. Windows compatible (including XP, Vista, 7 and 8).