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3 Audio CDs (Think Yourself Rich and Successful /Think Yourself Slim and Fit /De-Stress Your Mind)

Think Yourself Rich and Successful audio CD starts with a 5 minute introduction followed by 20 minutes of affirmations and 10 minutes of soothing sound effects. While I can't guarantee overnight wealth, I can tell you that the right frame of mind is a critical ingredient to any type of success, and this product will positively promote the right frame of mind.

Think Yourself Slim and Fit – Being slim and fit is within your grasp if you have the right frame of mind. Eating properly and being in shape is as much a mental process as a physical one. This audio CD is the tool you need to bridge the gap between your mind and body. The positive hypnotic affirmations in this audio CD may well be the missing link that you need to achieve your goals.

De-Stress Your Mind audio CD is designed to reduce the negative effect of busy schedules, nagging problems, daily worries, and an assortment of negative pressures. The relaxing affirmations of this product are the ideal way to combat stress and promote peace of mind.

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