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2 DVDs (Enchanted Christmas /TV's Christmas Classics)

Enchanted Christmas features two holiday movies (The Answer, and Beyond Tomorrow) and a bonus cartoon (The Candle-Maker). The first movie, The Answer, is the heart-warming story of an unsuccessful playwright whose luck changes when he meets a Hollywood screenwriter. This poignant story will remain with you throughout the season, and long after. The second movie, Beyond Tomorrow, is the uplifting tale of five strangers who develop a friendship and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

TV's Christmas Classics contains some of the best television Christmas specials of all time. Laugh as comedy legend George Burns "welcomes" relatives to his home on the George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, and enjoy the hilarious antics of The Beverly Hillbillies as they return home for the holiday. This DVD also contains the Cavalcade of America's Three Young Kings and the Four Star Playhouse's The Gift, starring Hollywood legends Charles Boyer and Maureen O'Sullivan.