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2 DVD Set (World War II in Color/World War II in Color: The British Story)

World War II in Color DVD—The World War II videos that were released to the public at the time of the war were black and white. However, there is film from that era that was recorded in color, and this award-winning video contains that original footage. This is not a colorized version of black and white films—it is the original color. Color footage includes D-Day, Iwo Jima, The Allied Advance, Into Italy, and much more. The original footage has been digitally restored so that what you see more closely resembles the original as it existed more than a half century ago. Runtime is approximately 1 hour 42 minutes, plus bonus material that includes photo slideshows and three interactive timelines that include both color and black and white videos.

World War II In Color: The British Story DVD—I was surprised when I saw this product. Yes, it has battle scenes, but there is so much more to it. You'll see everything from life on the streets to life on the battlefield starting in 1934—6 years before American involvement—and extending all the way through to the end of the war in 1945. And it's in amazingly sharp, original color. This incredibly comprehensive DVD contains three programs: Darkest Hour, The Beginning of the End, and Unknown Warriors. This extraordinary 3-part series documents the war from the beginning to end through the eyes of soldiers and civilians alike. It chronicles the remarkable story of Britain's involvement in World War II using previously unseen original color film footage, as well as letters and diaries of the people who lived through this unforgettable period in history. It is the British story, told this way in color for the first time, and it really is amazing. Runtime, including bonus footage, is approximately 2 hours. This disc also contains diaries and British World War II posters.