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2 DVD Set (The Gates of Jerusalem /The Exodus Revealed)

The Gates of Jerusalem DVD – Discover the mystery and prophecy behind the eight gates of Jerusalem. See why millions around the world are watching the Golden Gate, believing it holds the key to the future. This DVD contains two documentaries that total two hours. The first focuses on the history of the gates and their religious significance. The second documentary examines the tumultuous history of the changes in control of Jerusalem. You will be intrigued by this product.

The Exodus Revealed DVD – The Red Sea Crossing is one of the most famous miracles of the Old Testament. After 3000 years, new evidence found on the floor of the Red Sea is one of the most significant archaeological "finds" of the century. This DVD examines that evidence and shows you what scholars and scientists have discovered. In addition, this product contains six bonus features including Cecil B. DeMille's Exodus, Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?, and more. Don't miss this incredibly comprehensive look at one of the Bible's most fascinating stories.