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2 DVD Set (The Best of Lucy And Friends Disc 1 /The Best of Lucy And Friends Disc 2)

The Best of Lucy And Friends Disc 1 (10 episodes)—This collection features 10 of the best episodes of The Lucy Show. Episodes include Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower, Lucy's Barbershop Quartet, Lucy with George Burns, Lucy and the Submarine, Lucy the Bean Queen, Lucy and Paul Winchell, Lucy and the Ring-A-Ding Ring, Lucy Flies to London, Lucy Gets a Roommate, and Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs. Guest stars in these episodes include George Burns, Carol Burnett, and Paul Winchell. Two of these episodes are in black and white, and eight are in color. 

The Best of Lucy And Friends Disc 2 (10 episodes)—These 10 episodes of The Lucy Show guest star some of the biggest names in 60's and 70's entertainment, including John Wayne and Mel Torme. Episodes include Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft, Lucy and John Wayne, Lucy and Pat Collins, Lucy and the Monkey, Lucy and the Efficiency Expert, Lucy's Substitute Secretary, Viv Visits Lucy, Lucy the Babysitter, Main Street U.S.A., and Lucy Meets the Law. All 10 episodes are in color. 

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