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(2 DVD Set) Tai Chi in 7 Days /Easy Yoga

(2 DVD Set) Tai Chi in 7 Days /Easy Yoga

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With Tai Chi in 7 Days DVD, Sue Woodd, a renowned Tai Chi master, provides expert instruction for beginners and intermediate students. You'll learn everything you need to know to enhance your life with Tai Chi. This DVD even contains seven different routines, one for each day of the week. So find out why Tai Chi is becoming more and more popular everywhere, and learn firsthand the benefits of this ancient art.

Getting started with yoga is easy with Easy Yoga DVD. Your instructor is a yoga expert who shows you sitting positions, standing positions, breathing and meditation techniques, all designed to promote health, fitness, and well-being. This ancient system of mind and body exercises has been practiced for centuries by people worldwide. It's the fun and easy way to build strength and flexibility, and relax your mind. This product contains nearly 2 hours of video instruction.